Incredible Health Benefits of Enjoying Sex

Sex is a very significant part of everyone’s life. Sex is not only a physical activity; but it is also an emotional and the psychological relationship, which brings the partners closer to each other. Sex is good for the adult’s health. It said that having sex at least once a week is good for health. It helps to burn calories, relieves stress, and relieves pain more easily. The following are some benefits, which helps us to live happy and longer life:

  1. Sex is the best beauty treatment for both men as well as women. Studies have proved that when women make love, the large amount the hormone estrogen is generated which helps hair and skin to become smooth and shiny.
  2. Sex also assists to treat a headache, arthritis pain or PMS symptoms, the main reason behind is high levels of oxytocin are generated instantly before orgasm.
  3. Sexual intercourse recovers the immunity system.
  4. It reduces stress and helps to keep blood pressure normal.
  5. Sex helps to boost blood circulation. Because of the increase in heart rate and deep breathing, the blood supply arrives in cells and organs.
  6. It also recovers cardiovascular wellbeing. It is said that having sex at least once a week reduces the risk of heart attacks or stroke.
  7. Sex is the best way to burns calories, also an excellent form of exercise.
  8. According to research, while having a sex an oxytocin is released that promotes a good sleep. This helps to maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure.
  9. The risk of Prostate cancer can be reduced by having sex. Regular sexual activity eliminates harmful secretions and helps protect the prostate from cancer.
  10. Regular sexual activity can help to reduce weight.
  11. Testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women can be improved by having regular sexual activity.
  12. The best way of keeping your doctor away is Kissing. Saliva present in the mouthwashes away the food remains in the mouth and thus reduces the acidic levels causing decay.
  13. People who have sex frequently helps your body to defends your body against germs, viruses and other intruders. Thus it helps to boost your immune system.
  14. It also helps to boost your libido and improve your sexual life.
  15. It also helps to improve women bladder control and stronger the pelvic region of women.
  16. After having sexual activity the relaxation in the hormone prolactin helps to promote sleep.

In this way, sex is beneficial for healthy and happy life.


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